21 Aug

Unknown to most people, the American Bully puppies can also be loved and tamed just like any other popular ones like the pit bulls. The question is how one can choose and tame the bully puppies?   Since the breeders handle them in their initial life stages, the buyer should be keen to select and screen the best breeder in the market so that they have confidence and trust with whom they are working with. The lovable pit bull that one can play and enjoy moments with can only be gotten from the reputable and trustworthy breeder which explains the essence of choosing the individual carefully. The breeder should also have a passion in not only taking care of the puppies but also taming them as well. It is crucial to be on the lookout for those breeders whose primary goal is to make sales but on the other hand pay no attention to taking care of the dogs and taming them.

Taming the pit bulls, just like parents and guardians do with teenagers, requires patience and love as they are very stubborn at times. Unlike the other species, the bully puppies act according to their own will and may not quickly follow the breeder's instructions. In addition to patience, the instructor should also be consistent with the guidelines during the training process as it helps to eliminate confusion and maximize their ability to stick to the commands. It is also essential to always remember that their moods keep altering from one type to another which affects their training as well. In addition to the above traits, it has also been proven that the pit bulls are so loyal to their masters who give one confidence and assurance that the dogs will execute whatever command they understand with passion and devotion.

It is said that never take anything too seriously and the same case applies to the process of training the puppies. Other than being harsh on them every time they miss out on something, the trainer should take time to caress the puppies and show them love as well as acceptance into the family. By so doing, they get more attached to the family and will readily obey the commands and instructions given. Giving them awards and various forms of appreciation from time to time also works well with the puppies. Creating time for the dogs allowing them in the house ensures that they bond and interact with the family more.

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